CITYLIFE was founded in 2015. For the last two years, the number of employees increased 4 times. Now we have more than two hundred specialists working in Russia, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Belarus.


Affiliate program-RU

Our office in St. Petersburg is 100 meters away from the “Ladozhskaya” metro station. It is an open-space with a cozy kitchen, ping-pong and a professional library. Also in St. Petersburg, near the “Ozerki” metro station, we opened an experimental office for mobile development. We also have an office in Skolkovo, where we work with innovations.


The social package for an employee includes

2% of a salary

for a healthy lifestyle

50% compensation

for sports activities

Reimbursement of corporate

mobile communications costs

Team bonus

for the technical management

Corporate Library
Affiliate program-RU

Why Us?

You can do that you like — and not only that is in your job duties

Our employees constantly share experience with each other, discuss different ideas together. This leads to the constant development of skills and competencies. In addition, we keep an eye on trends and are not afraid to introduce new technologies.


Diversity of tasks

This is possible, firstly, due to our active growth: new tasks that can be “picked up” are constantly appearing. Secondly, due to the fact that we are working on projects in three business areas: b2b, b2c, p2p.

Good team

In corporate researches, we regularly ask employees what they like about working at CITYLIFE. The answer “A good team” always comes first, and people meant both professional and personal qualities of colleagues.


Small team - large mission