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What business will our solution help

For malls
and business centers

Malls and business centers

  • Co-brand smart card.
  • Discount and cashback system in all outlets of the center.
  • Payment for parking with a smart card.
  • Individual loyalty program strategy.
  • Brand-module inside client service CityLife.

For developers
and apartment

Apartment complexes, construction companies

  • Cobranding smart card meeting the needs of residents.
  • Individual loyalty program strategy.
  • Analysis of consumer journey and interests of residents.
  • Push notifications system that keeps the residents updated on the news and events of the residential complex
  • Smart card, house intercom and parking key


Hotels, hostels

  • Cobranding smart card.
  • Individual loyalty program strategy.
  • Analysis of customer journey and interests of guests.
  • Smart card that serves as a key to the hotel room and a key to a new city.
  • Individual travel itinerary with marked partner places.


Schools, secondary schools, universities

  • Cobranding smart card.
  • Individual loyalty program strategy.
  • Analysis of consumer journey and interests of students.
  • Smart card that works as a university pass, hostel key, and a travel card.
  • Smart card that allows to get discounts and cashback in all points of sale located in educational institutions.


Trade unions and factories

  • Cobranding smart card
  • Smart card for discounts and cashback from over 1,200 offline and online partners of our customer service.
  • Smart card that serves as a travel card, corporate pass, and can be used for utility payments.

For logistics

Airports, railway stations, subway

  • Cobranding smart card combining discounts in places and all necessary services for a visitor.
  • Smart card for payment of parking, luggage overweight, duty free purchases, purchases in trade and service companies of the logistic unit.
  • Receipt of discounts and cashback in the logistic unit places.
  • Individual loyalty program strategy.
  • Branded module in the City Life client service.

What tasks do we solve

What for you need your own ecosystem?

Increase customer and partner loyalty.

Conversion big data in smart data.

Customer journey analysis.

Business management system based on statistics.

Create your own
ecosystem along
with City Life

How do we createloyalty program strategy?

Six steps of loyalty program creation

Partner's data

Customer base



a loyalty program

of growth points

Your profits

Integration with City Life's software

Support and education

Promotion strategy and loyalty program development

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