How to get CASHBACK?

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    Come authorization online City Life

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    Click on "Log in to receive Cash Back" button and work out there purchases.

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    Cash Back is automatically credited to your account City Life. Withdraw money in any convenient way.

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TinyDeal with Cash Back

до 5.8 % – Cash Back with every order

A wide range of products from China- electronics, clothing and accessories at favorable prices with the delivery delivery anywhere in the world

Mobile phones and tablets, computers, chargers, auto-equipment, watches and jewelry, electronic toys, sports and casual wear, beauty and health products, and gifts. The main advantage of the TinyDeal store is that we sell all products without extra charge.

Category Discount
Paid order (new client) - Category 1 5.76%
Paid order (new client) - Category 2 3.6%
paid order (new client) - Category 3 2.16%
Paid order (old client) - Category 1 5.04%
Paid order (old client) - Category 2 2.88%
Paid order (old client) - Category 3 1.44%
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