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19 Days
Shopping rules

City.Travel - airline tickets, hotels, train tickets. Finally you can find, book, purchase and pay for airline and train tickets as well as hotels all around the globe on one website in the comfort of your home or office. The system selects the best offers and lets the user pay for the option chosen right on the website, without redirecting them to third party resources. Therefore you will not have to follow several links and remember complex combinations. Planning a tourist route on one's own has been made easy - finally you can feel like a free individual in control of their own life, with the whole world opened up in front of you! You are just a few steps away from your trip.

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Rules for getting a cashback

  • 1

    Install the CITYLIFE browser extension

    Install the add-on for your browser. If you get to a web-site of our partner, the add-on will notify you about the possibility to get cashback.

  • 2

    Switch off applications that affect Internet traffic

    Close all other browser add-ons for the period of shopping – some of add-ons can block the cashback accrual.

  • 3

    Make purchases during one browser

    Make a purchase immediately after switching from If you went to the store's website, added or removed goods from the basket, closed the site, returned an hour later and completed the purchase, probably the cashback would not be charged.

    If you visited the partner page several times examining the assortment and choosing the purchases, you should add products to the "Favourites" or "Wishlist" section.

  • 4

    Make a purchase only on the partner's website

    In the event of a telephone order, the cashback is not accrued.

    Use only CITYLIFE cashback service

    Cashback is not accrued if:
    • You use another cashback service
    • This online shop is not CITYLIFE's partner
    • AliExpress's seller unilaterally changed the terms of the transaction
  • 5

    The amount of cashback is calculated from the cost of the goods

    The cashback will not be accrued for the delivery.

  • 6

    Online shopping from mobile devices
    and applications

    Cashback from purchases through mobile devices is lost more often. This happens because of special code on web pages. It helps to track cashback. Most mobile applications do not include this code. If possible, make purchases from your computer.

  • 7

    Orders for a legal person

    In some cases for legal person cashback or discount may not accrued.

If you often lose the cashback:

  • Tip No.1: make an order within 1 hour after transition from our web-site or add-on. Do not go to other pages – it will protect you from rerecording of affiliate links by other add-ons and programs.
  • Tip No.2: use an individual browser for purchases with a cashback. Install the extension from CITYLIFE and do not go through this browser to other sites, except and partner stores.
  • Tip No.3: before making an order, close all tabs, clean the history and cookies. You can use the combination Ctrl+Shift+Delete in order to do that.