up to  5.4 %
Average waiting time for cashback:
31 Days
Shopping rules

Cashback rates: 
for FREE tariff

0.9% - Electronics
2.7% - Clothes, household and gardening goods, accessories
2.09% - Other categories
0.29% - Brand name items (list available via this link
Maximum total cashback for single order - $13.68.

for SMART tariff
1.8% - Electronics
5.4% - Clothes, household and gardening goods, accessories
4.19% - Other categories
0.59% - Brand name items (list is available via the link

Maximum total cashback for single order - $27.36.

The store is not available in the CITYLIFE browser extension

- Cashback is awarded based on the $ total in roubles at the current Central Bank conversion rate.
- If the order is disputed, cashback will be annuled.
- For the cashback to be awarded as quickly as possible, do not forget to confirm receipt of your order on the AliExpress site.
- When awarding cashback, the order prices and, accordingly, the cashback total are liable to  fluctuate insignificantly. This is caused by recalculations due to the conversion of the currencies in which the AliExpress store conduct its financial transactions.

- when ordering items of the TMall catogory or any goods with delivery from Russia. Information about the country of delivery can be verified of each item's page.
- if the AliExpress seller adjusts the price or regulates the deal on their own.
- for orders within which return of merchandise has been requested and granted, regardless of the reasons for return.
- for delivery services.
- for the purchase of gift certificates, coupons, discounts
- for mobile telephone account replenishment
- if you haven't signed in before checking out your order (have not signed in to your AliExpress account)
- in case of  a dispute or ordering from two or more AliExpress accounts using coupons, cashback may be cancelled or written off your account after confirmation.

Rules for getting cashback

  • 1

    Disable all other add-ons

    Disable all other browser apps while you are purchasing as some add-ons block cashback accrual

  • 2

    Buy within one single browser

    Please make your purchase right after following from If you entered a store's website, added or deleted an item from the basket, then closed the website, came back in an hour and finalized the purchase, it is highly likely that no cashback will be accrued.

    If you don't want to lose a favourite item, please add it to My wishes or Favourites. Please add it to the Basket only after following from

  • 3

    Please make your purchases online only

    If you make a purchase request by phone, no cashback will be accrued.

    Please use the CITYLIFE service only

    Cashback will not be accrued if:
    • You use discounts and cashback provided by other services
    • Our partner network does not include such online store or service
  • 4

    Cashback is accrued on the actual amount paidа

    No cashback is accrued on the cost of delivery.

  • 5

    Purchase requests from legal entities

    In some cases, cashback or discount on purchases by legal entities may be declined or not recorded.

If you lose your cashback too often:

  • Tip 1: Please finalize your purchase within an hour after following from our website or add-on. Do not go to third-party pages: this will prevent other add-ons and programs from modifying partner links.
  • Tip 2: Please use a separate browser for cashback purchases. Install the CITYLIFE add-on only and never use such browser for entering other websites, except for and those of partner stores.
  • Tip 3: Before making a purchase, please close all tabs, clear history and cookies. To this end, you may press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

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