December 18, 2019

RBK Group: CITYLIFE has organized the annual international forum in Kazan

RBK Group: CITYLIFE has organized the annual international forum in Kazan

July 13-14, the franchisee meeting of CITYLIFE IT-company took place at the Tatneft Arena in Kazan. Seven thousand entrepreneurs and partners of the company flew from all over Russia and Europe to Kazan.

During two days, the top team of CITYLIFE together with its partners discussed the company’s interim performance and further strategic development of the company’s products.

Since 2015, the CITYLIFE international company has been developing a cashback service, a loyalty program for business in Russian, Asian, and European markets.

Feedback from our clients and partners is the key moment for the successful development of the IT platform. Such events help us to get this feedback in real-time and determine together the subsequent strategic development of our products. We are sure that technologies do not change the world but the people and their dreams behind these technologies do it.

Mikhail Kovshov, the founder of CITYLIFE

The first day of the event was about the presentation of new products and services of the CITYLIFE IT platform. Mikhail Kovshov, the founder of the company, told about the updated mobile application, convenient mobile communication, and also announced the opening of a fuel line. Now you can buy fuel at 14,500 filling stations in Europe and the CIS with the CL bonus points. The CITYLIFE online store became one of the key products presented by the company.

The biggest advantage of the CITYLIFE IT platform is that people may earn discounts and cashback by making common purchases (coffee, clothes, tickets, recreation, transport, etc.) in their daily lives using the CITYLIFE integrated mobile application.

RBK: CITYLIFE held its annual international forum in Kazan.
According to the results of the first day, there was a vote regarding the development priorities of the CITYLIFE IT platform’s products and services. The voting results formed the basis for the subsequent development road map.

RBK Group: CITYLIFE has organized the annual international forum in Kazan

The second day was traditionally devoted to vocational training of more than 2 thousand franchisee partners. The great attention was paid to the company’s new products and services and the conception of their business model.

The essential component of the training was a tutorial according to the updated Code of Ethics of the CITYLIFE Group of Companies. The second part of the training was aimed at improving the operating skills of partners with end customers of the CITYLIFE IT platform. Within the context of collecting feedback, there were accumulated important data concerning the needs of partners in selected local regions. It plotted the vector for priorities of the regional business development of the company by the end of this year.

To achieve success, we must understand the needs of the CITYLIFE IT platform users, choose a strong business model and build quality workmanship with our partners. These three components help us achieve top results together in the highly competitive markets of Russia, Asia, and Europe.

Alexander Tiakhov, the founder of CITYLIFE

Company sums up the traditional “Results” every year. The last ones were held in “Crocus City” in Moscow in January this year. 3 thousand partners came to the event.