December 19, 2019

Experts discuss the most important trends in the field of intellectual mobility

Experts discuss the most important trends in the field of intellectual mobility

On October 11, the 2nd AutoNet International Forum took place in the SAP Digital Leadership Center. CITYLIFE IT company was one of the industry experts. The company develops services to simplify and improve people’s lives. Alexei Parshikov, Chief Executive Officer of CITYLIFE, told about his role, transport market trends and tasks set by the company.

What is the interest of CITYLIFE in the AutoNet National Technology Initiative?

The activity of NTI AutoNet is aimed at finding advanced projects in the field of transport telematics and information systems, as well as transport and logistics services. Therefore, the mission of CITYLIFE is to improve the quality of human life through the integration of technologies in the urban environment. By teaming up with the AutoNet NTI, we will be able to focus on developing products without which a modern person cannot imagine his life, on solutions for comfortable transport mobility.

Experts discuss the most important trends in the field of intellectual mobility

— What advantages do CITYLIFE’s current technologies bring to people and businesses?

— The purpose of the CITYLIFE service is to realize the most personalized customer journey of users in the company’s ecosystem. Having spent several years developing the truly smart cashback service, we have jumped to the conclusion that the modern citizens of the city are using the capabilities of our solution not only to receive bonus points but to satisfy their needs on a payable basis. To meet all the needs of our users, we focused on developing our partner base. Now, using the CITYLIFE service you can travel profitably, take care of your health in large medical and sports centers, gain new knowledge in e-libraries, buy goods for children or order food at home. The list of our partners includes more than 6,000 companies, many of which are familiar to everyone. The statistics shows that 4,000 people have visited new countries using the CITYLIFE service, having made 7,800 reservations for 70,000,000 rubles in 3 years. Getting back on topic, I can say: the CITYLIFE technologies help people make profitable purchases, and they help businesses attract new customers.

— Now CITYLIFE is planning to develop in the transport services market. What is the reason for this decision?

— If you look at the expenses of a megacity resident, you will see that they spend up to 30% of the monthly income on mobility. These data relate to those users of our ecosystem who are in the active phase of their working career. It should be noted that along with the appearance of a huge number of transport services, we see intracity human mobility decreases. People know the value of time, they try to spend it profitably and receive some compensation. For example, there used to be only classic fuel stations, later fuel stations with shops appeared, still later – self-service stations. Keeping in tune with trends, the companies created the services that will refuel your car without you in the place where you feel comfortable: near your house, near a business center where you work. Having assessed the trends and requests of users, we launched the CITYLIFE FUEL project. These are fuel cards that allow you to refuel and get bonus points. You may spend them on fuel, as well as on our partners’ services. If we want to make people’s lives more comfortable, we must pay attention to transport mobility. That’s why I and my colleagues from the Energy and Gas industry were arguing which type of transport would provide people with a balance of convenience and price: internal combustion engine, gas, electricity, biofuels, etc. Experts’ opinions were divided. Therefore, at the end of our discussion, we addressed the audience — more than 60% of the votes were given to electric transport. And I am in sympathy with them. CITYLIFE’s experts are sure that the future belongs to this type of transport. For example, it is easier to implement unmanned technologies based on an electric vehicle. In the end, a person will get a comfortable mobility service without harming the environment or his or her health.

Experts discuss the most important trends in the field of intellectual mobility

— What requirements does the global and Russian market demand for such technologies today? Are the demands the same or is there a specificity?

— If we are talking about unmanned mobility technologies, so, of course, there are still many legislative barriers. Some countries overcome them faster, while others are slower. In my opinion, Russia is at the end of the race. According to the readiness rating of countries to introduce unmanned vehicles, we were on the 18th place out of 20 last year. This year we were on the 23rd place out of 25. The lack of the concept of unmanned vehicles in Russian legislation is one of the main obstacles to use autonomous vehicles. Perhaps, you will be surprised but today you can already see unmanned electric Yandex cars on the roads of Moscow. There is only one nuance — a person is still sitting in the driver’s seat because this transport must be monitored obligatory. Such rule is spelled out in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. Most of the latest CITYLIFE’s solutions are aimed at the transport market. We have developed contactless payment rings, issued fuel- and transport cards. The company will go the extra mile. We will continue to offer the products aimed at creating quality conditions for using transport mobility.

— When will business gain an economic effect upon the implementation of your solutions?

— We actively work with the OIL & GAS segment. We guide projects so as the partner will benefit from our cooperation as soon as possible. For example, the Kazan fuel station chain “Soyuz” has attracted 680 new clients working with CITYLIFE for 1.5 years. Using our service, fuel stations have made more than 30,000 transactions for 47,000,000 rubles. Another example is our cooperation with Aviasales, we have attracted 6,300 new users, who have spent 250,000,000 rubles for air tickets in a rather short period of time.

— How do you see the way your products develop for the Russian B2B market?

— We develop, test and improve our products so that they bring maximum benefit to the end users. To work effectively, the partners’ needs and complaints must be understood. So we guide every transaction from the first meeting to the final integration. The key to success of any product or project is the combined approach. Only in this way we can improve the quality of people’s lives.