March 5, 2020

CITYLIFE has signed a partnership agreement with ITMO

{:ru}Официальный комментарий CITYLIFE на сюжет канала «Россия 24»{:}{:en}CITYLIFE's official comment on the report on "Russia 24"{:}{:tr}CITYLIFE “Rusya 24” kanalının konusu hakkında yorum yaptı{:}

In order to develop a Human Personality Index, CITYLIFE opened its R&D center in Skolkovo Technopark on October 23, 2019 and signed an agreement with the ITMO St. Petersburg National Research University at the Open Innovations Forum. The purpose of the joint operation of CITYLIFE and the ITMO University will be the development and implementation of high-tech solutions to analyze Big Data of client travels, as well as the creation of R&D sites (competence centers, test sites for technology development, corporate R&D centers).

“No IT company in the world can create a world-class product without support from science,” CITYLIFE CEO Alexei Parshikov explained the basics of cooperation with the ITMO University. Training of specialists (CITYLIFE is ready to open a corporate Master’s program in ITMO), who will work in the company will be the second direction of the cooperation between the parties.

“For us, this agreement is of paramount importance, — said Doctor of Science, Director/General Designer of the National Centre for Cognitive Development (STI Center) of the ITMO University Alexander Bukhanovsky after signing the agreement. – One of our tasks is to assist Russian business so that it has a leading position in the international market due to our knowledge-intensive developments”.

“This R&D center as a subsidiary of CITYLIFE in “Skolkovo” Technopark is interesting for us because the planned developments have the prospect not only to reduce the lack in technologies of our IT companies, but also to be ahead in some areas. In addition, cooperation with the ITMO University will create conditions for the growth and development of IT technologies in our country. This is fundamentally important for the management of critical infrastructure facilities,” said Oleg Dubnov, Vice President, Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Energy-Efficient Technology Cluster, at the opening ceremony of the R&D Center office.