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CITYLIFE is a IT company, developer and a copyright holder of software, integration modules, a coalition loyalty program, sites and applications under the brand “Сity Life”.


Improving life quality through the integration of modern technology in the urban environment.

Our products


Get discounts and cashback in CL points. Pay for goods and services by points.

A modern mobile application with taxi service. Call a taxi and plan a route to any partner of the coalition.

Assessment and feedback system are presented.



Loyalty program for outlets helps to attract and retain customers. Furthermore it allows to send address offers to buyers, unload online statistics, conduct deep analysis including customer journey.

We create an individual ecosystem for corporate partners. We also suggest monetization of buyers through cashback and co-branded smart card, which can be a key, parking payment tool and many other things.





History of the company

It has started in 2015





The company's creation history has begun in 2015 with a simple idea - to develop a technology for everyday life and business that will regulate the goods and services market, by making it convenient, understandable and beneficial for everyone.

By the end of 2015, we've developed and assembled the first concept of our system, consisting of billing for accounting users and their transactions, a section of online purchases with cashback on the company's website has also been created and tested.

2016 was the year of a mobile client application and a loyalty system software development for working with outlets.

After that, we started testing the solutions we've created in 20 cities of Russia. The company chose the network business model as one of the drivers for development, in order to quickly scale and increase the number of customers. The strategy has fully justified itself. On November 5, 2016, the official CITYLIFE launch in Russia took place on the "Princess Maria" cruise liner, attended by more than 200 company's representatives and partners from all over the country.

We've announced 2017 as the Company's Quality Year.

This year coincided with the Year of Ecology in Russia, at the same time the main trend in the world was the digital economy development. The work was carried out on CITYLIFE services' improvement and development was performed 24/7, markets and customer preferences research was conducted, thanks to which positioning and company's corporate style were developed, and the CITYLIFE trademark was registered.

2018 is devoted to the company's development.

The company's main forces and resources are now directed to three main development vectors: new services and opportunities for our clients, new partners for the main website sections and new cities and countries, where we develop our business and expand our partner network.

Every day we are working to improve the quality, speed, stability, security and stability of our services and solutions. There is no limit to perfection! That's why, we always give the lion's share of our opportunities to improve everything that we produce for the market and the client, while directing forces and resources to the scaling and development of the company.

Our exclusive partner in Russia CITYLIFE LLC

Mikhail Kovshov

Founder and CEO

Adoption of common responsible solutions that ensure the company's sustainable growth.


Aleksandr Tyahov

Founder and Director for Development

Development of plans and projects that will lead to the company's strategic goals achievement, as well as subsequent monitoring of their implementation and calculation of possible risks.


Dmitry Zolotukhin

Executive Director

Strategic plans development and implementation, the company's operating activities organization.


Albert Yusupov

Head of Distribution Development Department

Identification of the distribution network requirements as a result of personal negotiations with key representatives.


Sergey Kuzyukov

Technical Director

Designing, implementation and development of the strategy of the whole technical direction. New technologies' introduction.