Client cashback-service

Use the client service and receive discounts and cashback through a card, website or mobile application.

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What is the client cashback-service?

It is all the goods and services necessary for a customer that are brought together in the website and the mobile application. You can also use it through a smart card.
  • Website

    The website allows you to get cashback from each online payment, to book airline and train tickets, search for partner's institutions on a city map and order a taxi, as well as to choose mobile operator and get cashback from each mobile payment.

  • Mobile application

    Download the app and you'll get the map with all partner's institutions, sections "Online payments" and "Taxi", personal account with the cashback history from all of your payments and bookings.

  • Card

    The card. With City life card you will get an access to discounts and cashback from partmers all around the city.

Smart Economy. Easy life

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Profitable arithmetic by City Life

Save money on purchases and get bonus CL points as a cashback.






Your profit

Buy online and get a cashback from City Life

Profitable shopping with City Life

Use the client service and get cashback for online purchases

Purchase household appliances, clothes, shoes, books, digital techniques, products, etc.



Make purchases with web-site or mobile app


Make usual purchases in outlets of the city with the help of City Life mobile application.

Quickly get a discount and cashback for usual purchases in outlets you are interested in.


offline partners

Download the application

Vacation with City Life has become more affordable

Choose your dream trip! Individual tours or last minute travel offers

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Evaluate the benefits and select the appropriate tariff


  • Discounts and cashback from all the partners of City Life. The list of partners is presented on
  • Cashback from all kinds of online shopping: shops, buying air tickets, booking hotels, car rental.
  • Increased cashback on outlet's purchases.
  • Electronic transport card (for cities where the transport card is used).
  • Upgrade to the Business tariff.
  • Single-time bonus of 300 CL per each invited customer for Smart
  • Participation in the referral program (Invite a friend and get loyalty points).
  • Cashback from invited users for up to the 2-nd generation.