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City Life
We improve the quality of life
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City Life
сlient service
Usual purchases in online shops and places in the city are becoming easier and more beneficial with City Life. Employ our client service to get discounts and earn cashback using a card, website or mobile application. Employ our easy services to improve quality of life.
Online Shopping
Every day dozens of new brands and services all over the world join our service. Make purchases with cashback in any part of the world with City Life.
Partners online:
Your bonuses
in a mobile application
Rule the balance of your personal account
  • Save CL points from purchases
  • Pay with CL points in places in the city
  • Give CL points to your friends and family
Pay off CL points
in places in the city
All City Life partners in Russia and other countries of the world accept CL points. All partners are displayed in the section "Places in the city". Get points from daily purchases and spend them in cafes and restaurants.
Using Uber Taxi for points
straight to your destination
Now Uber trips bring more benefits than ever. Reserve a taxi through the City Life application, choose the route destination and pay for the trip with CL points. All partners are marked on the map; this is convenient and beneficial.
Collect impressions
In the Travel section you will find last-minute offers
and special offers from our partners.
Pay for tickets, save cashback
and spend it on impressions!
Share with friends
Invite your friends to the City Life client service through a referral link, visit shops, cinemas and other places, and get team cashback from purchases.
Your city
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