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  • CITYLIFE is an international developer of an intellectual ecosystem.

    We create IT-solutions, which are able to connect people and business: starting from our smart cashback system and ending with programs for big data analytics

  • Improving the quality of life using modern technologies in urban environments

  • We operate our services in 506 Cities 8 countries: Russia, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Kazakhstan

    In our head office in Saint Petersburg work 220 employees.

Create your business
with our ecosystem

  • CL-Cashback
  • CL-Partner
  • CL-Cashier
  • CL-Society
  • CL-Payments
  • CL-Store
  • CL-Cashback
  • CL-Partner
  • CL-Cashier
  • CL-Society
  • CL-Payments
  • CL-Store
  • CL-Cashback

    CITYLIFE Mobile App is the service which gives customers the opportunity to receive cashback points at some merchants and to spend these points in other stores. CITYLIFE analyzes individual client preferences and allows them to earn rewards from a variety of partners. Save and spend money wherever you want!
  • CL-Partner

    Personal Merchant Profile helps our b2b customers manage the loyalty program: Set and launch push-notifications your clients, form stocks, analyze turnover and efficiency of your staff members, communicate with clients and manage several entities at one place.
  • CL-Cashier

    CITYLIFE Mobile Cashier is an app for fast customer accounting. Using this app can be useful for making discounts and accepting payments without any software integration. Mobile Cashier currently supports cash, bank card and CL points payments. After the payment confirmation customers get
    their CL-points accrued.
  • CL-Society

    CLM is a platform for network marketing management.It helps CITYLIFE sales partners use the current working tools of network marketing for the development of every business area. The platform makes it possible to assess bottlenecks in the distribution of products, to select the optimal channels for specific segments in order to establish a complete sales funnel, even when it comes to a long chain of retailers.
  • CL-Payments

    CLPay is a biometric blockchain payment system for running transactions without involving third parties. The CLPay had been implemented as an universal payment channel, which is embed in the marketplace or in the account system.
  • CL-Store

    Online Marketplace CITYLIFE is the platform, which collects internet shops from various categories. Food, Clothes, Electronics, Cosmetics, Games, Home goods, Building materials, Education, Insurance, Travel etc. Over 4000 online shops on the platform. In these stores users are free to make purchases with discounts and cashback, which can be combined with shop bonuses.



The vision of smart mobility: experts discuss the most important trends

The 2nd international forum "Autonet " took place on October 1st in the SAP Digital Leadership Center. As one of the industry experts, IT company CITYLIFE joined this event. Citylife is involved in developing services to simplify and improve people's lives...

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RBK Group: CITYLIFE has organized
the annual international forum in Kazan

July,13-14th , the meeting of the franchisees of the IT company CITYLIFE took place in the "TATNEFT Arena" in Kazan. 7,000 entrepreneurs and partners of the company traveled to Kazan from all over Russia and Europe.

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CITYLIFE's official comment
on the report on "Russia 24"

Recently several reports about activities of some network companies appeared on Russia 24 .CITYLIFE was also mentioned in this report because our company has been the largest cashback service with a powerful business community since 2019.

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  • 2015
    • Company foundation
  • 2016
    • Release of the mobile customer app and loyalty management software
  • 2017
    • Launch of the product in 20 cities of the Russian Federation
    • Development of an intelligent system, which combines all of the company's services
  • 2018
    • Expansion of the partner network, opening of offices in new cities and CIS countries
  • 2019
    • Development of the data driven management platform
    • Launch on the international market: in Germany, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Turkey

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