We join people and business together

The CITY LOYALTY GROUP ecosystem is a set of services that work for simplification of people’s lives. Our products help people make bargain purchases and help companies attract new customers.

Making purchases easier and more profitable

We have created a service that helps you get points for purchases in stores, restaurants, and services. You can use these points to pay for purchases from our partners — now, there are 8500 of them — or withdraw them to a bank card.

Covering different business areas

We work with catering, tourism, transport, appliance stores, and online marketplaces. We are constantly increasing our partner base to meet all user requests.

Helping attract customers

CityCRM is a loyalty program management software that can be configured for any business and allows you to attract new customers in a short time.

Scaling according to the distribution model

We are expanding our partner base with the help of the authorized distributors – every day more than 80,000 people connect new companies to our ecosystem and attract new users.

Using Big Data features

Big data helps us form the most attractive offers for users by personalizing their customer journey within the ecosystem.

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